How can I Register on Job portal?

* Click on register button available at top right of Job Portal.
* Enter valid e-mail address.
* Set password.
* Click on register.
* An account activation link will be sent to your e-mail ID.
* Click on received link for login and accessing your account at Job Portal.

How can I update my profile?

* Login to Job portal.
* Click on Profile Builder.

Profile Builder includes following tabs.

* Personal Information
* Experience
* Academics
* Skills
* Certifications
* References

Fill the required information in all tabs of profile builder and complete your profile

*Note: You must make sure that the information in your profile stays true and accurate at all times.

How can I add information on my profile?

* Login to Job Portal.
* Click on profile Builder.
* For personal Information simply enter your information and click on save button.
* For other information choose a tab in which you wish to add information.
* Click on add button.
* A pop up window will open.
* Edit your information.
* Click the save & Continue & button.

How can I view my profile?

* Login to Job Portal.
* Click on Profile button at top of window.

How can I edit my profile?

* Login to Job Portal.
* Go to profile Builder.
* Choose a tab in which you wish to add / update information.
* Click on updte icon in action.
* A pop up window will appear.
* Edit Information.
* Click on submit button.

How can I search target job?

In-case if you are a registered user then

* Login to Job Portal.
* Go to Tab of Target Jobs
* Set criteria (Job Title, Career Level, Target Monthly Salary, Last Monthly Salary)
* You will start receiving alerts as per criteria set on your email ID

If you haven't registered yourself on Job Portal.

* Go to Job Portal > Jobs.

Target Jobs can be searched on the basis of following filters.

* Department
* District
* Industry
* Type of contract
* Career level

How to view all jobs on Job Portal?

* Go to Job Portal.
* Click on jobs.
* List of all available jobs will appear.

What are saved jobs?

While searching for a job you come across a job that you wish to apply later can be saved. These jobs which are visited by you for application submission later are saved jobs.

How do I apply for Jobs?

* Login to your account.
* Search a job you want to apply to.
* After you've run a search, click on Job Titles to view the job detail.
* Click the ԁpply button if you fulfill job requirement.
* A window will open for salary information.
* Choose current Salary and expected Salary.
* Provide disability information (if any).

Click the submit button.

How do I know if my job application was submitted successfully?

* You will see a confirmation message on screen you have successfully applied for [Job Name] in form of green pop up.
* You will also be notified by e-mail and text message.

How much time it will take to schedule interview after applying for a job?

Hiring Process usually begins after expiry of posted Job, in-case if you get shortlisted you will be contacted within one (1) month of position expiry date.

How can I know about interview schedule or Recommended / Not Recommended?

You will be notified by e-mail and text message at each stage of application process. Which Includes:

* Job applied.
* Shortlisting (in case you get shortlisted).
* Interview (in case you get shortlisted).
* Selection (in case you get selected)
* Rejection (in case you are not verified)

How many job(s) can I apply to?

You can apply on all the job(s) that matches your profile.

*Note: It is recommended that you only apply for vacancies relevant to your current profile

Can I apply for a job more than once?

You can apply for a job only once.

*Note: Carefully review your application when you are applying. Once submitted it cannot be update.

I am applying for a Job and I receive a message on screen saying ԙour Profile does not match with this Job's requirements?

In this case you are either not eligible to apply for a job or your profile is incomplete / not updated.

How do I know which jobs I have already applied to?

* Login to Job Portal.
* Go to ԁpplied Jobs.
* List of Jobs along with application submission date will appear.

How can I change my Picture?

* Login to Job Portal.
* Click on change Picture button on profile page.
* Choose a picture that you wish to upload.

*Note: Picture can only be uploaded up to maximum size of 4MB(s).

I am facing a problem other than those listed in FAQs?

Notify us your issue(s) related to Job Portal on Feedback Form.

Please send us more Questions in Feedback Form for further F.A.Q.