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Our pricing is based on the time the instructor spends with the student regardless of what the student wants to learn. This allows students to talor the course and learning to their needs.

Days 30 Minutes
Weekend (Sat - Sun) $40 per month
2 Days (Any 2 Days) $40 per month
3 Days (Mon-Wed or Thur-Sat) $55 per month
5 Days (Mon to Fri) $85 per month
6 Days (Mon to Sat) $100 per month

To schedule a course/s just get in touch by using our "Contact Us" form. You will select which days you would like to take your classes and the duration of those classes. You will then be scheduled with an instructor on the same days that you would take your classes if you decide to continue. Once you have been scheduled for the course, please remember to show up since our instructor will be waiting to take your class. All correspondence will be done via email.