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This is an online platform to learn the Quran brought to you by the founders of Xeerax.com, under the umbrella of Xeerax Pakistan Search Engine of Pakistan. This online Islamic education platform has a vision to provide Islamic education to students all over the world, giving them an opportunity to learn the Quran one-on-one through experienced professionals. It is with great spirit, commitment and hard work that the team of Xeerax Islam has put together this Quranic educational portal for the benefit of all Muslims, ensuring that they not only recite and learn the word of Allah but also interact with the best teachers, mentors as well as other students.

We at Xeerax Islam have completed the journey to bring you the best in Islamic education, delivering on our promise of highest quality, convenience and offering of a variety of Quranic courses suited to each and every Muslim's needs.

Xeerax Islam has ventured into the following areas in order to bring our vision to life, that of spreading the guidance of Allah's words through a variety of different segments. Xeerax Islam strives to deliver to Muslims in the following areas:

  • Quranic Education (Including Recitation, Tajweed & Memorization)
  • Basic Islamic Education
  • Arabic Language Teachings
  • Quranic Translation & Tafseer Teachings

We hope Xeerax Islam proves to be your best choice in reciting and learning the Quran and that we continue to serve you in the name of Allah. Insha Allah & Ameen.